Brand new futures will keep coming into existence. And there will be light and darkness there, war and hope, life and death, and happiness and sadness. I'm sure it all will exist again. Everything...that is what this universe is!

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to the edge of the universe and back, endure and survive

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I suppose three days in a row was too much to ask. I won’t get to Snow tonight.

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Joel’s outfits - Requested by ardeskun & Anonymous

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The Last of Us characters + quotes

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i think these opinions are unpopular, but i like the manga more than the original anime, actually, maybe because i’m more of a serious person and the manga seems more serious. i also really hate monster of the week eps and filler so i like how fast paced the manga is.

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like i just cannot like moulin rouge because it is really, really unfeminist to me, and i saw it for the first time after becoming “enlightened,” so however much I like pieces, I can’t like it

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My stomach has been weird ever since Saturday morning, when I threw up. I thought it was just overconsuming ice cream, but the persistence of an ache and cramps makes me wonder if it actually is some kind of bug.

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adults go on about kids and chatspeak but literally the only people I text who use chatspeak liberally are above the age of 40

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kk so i’m writing snow again

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